In keeping with our commitment to promoting high standards and integrity within the print and digital media industries, Print and Digital Media SA continues PMSA’s proud association with the following awards that recognise and reward excellence.

The Standard Bank Sikuvile Journalism Awards*

Among South Africa’s most prestigious journalism competitions, the Standard Bank Sikuvile Journalism Awards acknowledge those who capture the stories of our times.

Awards are presented for stand-out contributions in diverse categories that reflect the multi-disciplines of those who contribute to the end result of the published story. The categories are investigative journalism, breaking news, feature writing, photographic, graphics and layout.

Two recently introduced awards were welcomed by the industry.

The Lifetime Achiever of the Year Award honours a professional with more than 20 years’ experience whose body of work furthers the interests of newspaper journalism in South Africa.

The South African Story of the Year Award is presented to a winner identified among wide-ranging entries.

The Print and Digital Media SA Fellows Awards

These awards are in recognition of volunteers who over the years have devoted their time, energy and expertise to further the interests of the PDMSA industry and the association.

PDMSA and its constituent bodies largely depend on the generosity of these individuals from within print and digital media, as well as from marketing, communications and advertising who ensure our success and thus play a significant role in growing the print media in South Africa.

The Nat Nakasa Award

The annual Nat Nakasa Award is presented by Print and Digital Media SA, the SA National Editors Forum and the Nieman Society, in celebration of freedom of speech and media integrity. The competition is open to all media practitioners, including journalists, editors, managers and owners, who excel in their fields. The judges look for an individual with the following qualities:

  • Integrity and fearlessness;
  • Commitment to the people of South Africa;
  • Tenaciousness in the face of insurmountable obstacles;
  • Commitment to standing firm against censorship; and
  • Courage in making information available to the people of South Africa.

It also commemorates the challenges faced by Nat Nakasa and many of his colleagues in the dark years when the apartheid government controlled most white newspapers, thus effectively silencing in print the angry black voices of the townships.

Nathaniel Ndazana Nakasa (1937 - 1965), popularly known as Nat Nakasa, was a South African short story writer and journalist. Born in Durban, he moved to Johannesburg to work as a journalist for Drum magazine. He also worked for the Golden City Post and was the first black journalist to work at the Rand Daily Mail where he provided a black perspective for the newspaper’s predominantly white readership.

The MDDA/Sanlam Local Media Awards

These awards seek to encourage excellence and to reward deserving work among community publishers. Full-time editors, journalists and photographers from South African and Namibian community newspapers that are not published more than twice a week are eligible for entry.

Judgment of the competition submissions is based on a 12-month period from June to May, and is coordinated under the auspices of Print and Digital Media of South Africa.

The MDDA/Sanlam Local Media Awards are presented in association with Print and Digital Media SA, the National Community Radio Forum (NCRF), National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), Independent Federation of Religious Broadcasters (IFRB), Forum of Community Journalists (FCJ), Association of Independent Publishers (AIP), and other related local media representatives.

*Footnote: Originally launched by Mondi Paper South Africa and the Newspaper Association of South Africa, the Mondi Paper Newspaper Awards were renamed the Mondi Shanduka Newspaper Awards in 2004 to reflect the merger of core sponsor Mondi Newsprint with Shanduka Resources, the first major empowerment transaction in the newsprint sector.