Press Cards

Name: Lionel Jeffries
Cell: 083 602 6408

Print and Digital Media SA issues press cards to eligible journalists, photographers, editors and freelancers working for South African magazines and newspapers. The cards are recognised by the South African Police Services.

Terms and Conditions

Print & Digital Media SA issues press cards to all journalists, photographers, editors and freelancers, as a system of accreditation to assist them in gaining access to news worthy events. These press cards are recognised by the South African Police Service and is a valid form of gaining access to exclusive areas.

These cards are issued in English on the following conditions:

New Application: PDMSA Members

When applying for your first press card, you will have to obtain an original application form from the PDMSA, which must be completed in full and signed by the editor of the publication you represent. Once your application has been signed off where applicable, you need to forward the original with your photograph and payment to the PDMSA for processing.

NB: Failure by the applicant to complete the procedure and relevant information will affect the successor’s accreditation process.

New Application: Non-PDMSA Members

If a publication is not a member of this association:

• A brief description containing basic information about the publication concerned
• Credentials or documents identifying the correspondent as a career journalist
• The application should be signed by relevant management personnel of the agency

Renewal of a Press Card

• Once the applicant has been registered as a valid card holder the onus is on the applicant to renew his/her press card on an annual basis.

Guidelines for Freelancers and how to apply

Applications from freelancers can only be accepted if the applicant form is countersigned and accompanied by a letter, on headed paper, from Editor or Managing Director of the regional or local publication, certifying that the applicant is a responsible person who produces work for them on a regular basis and who meets the agreed criteria for the press card.

Criteria for Freelancer's Press cards

Press cards will only be issued to freelancers upon receipt of a letter from an editor, confirming that the applicant is employed on a freelance basis by the publication concerned.

This procedure is applicable to both new and existing applicants i.e. this procedure would have to be followed each time the applicant's press card is renewed.

• They should earn the majority of their income from the provisions of services directly concerned with the gathering of news for the written media.
• Should the applicant not yet be employed as a freelancer at one of the registered publication, then proof of a diploma or certificate and letter from a recognized college must be provided that such a course had been completed.

Issuing of Urgent Lost or Stolen Press Cards

• Press cards issued within 24-hours (1 working day) are defined as urgent press cards. The pre-requisite for issuing these cards, is that ample and prior notification needs to be given before such a request will be considered.

In the event of a press card being lost or stolen, it will be renewed once written confirmation has been received.

• The onus is on the cardholder to ensure that Print Media Sais informed of lost or stolen cards.


Press Cards are issued at the following rates:

  • PDMSA Members - R110. 00 inclusive of VAT per press card
  • Non-PDMSA Members and Freelancers - R330.00 inclusive of VAT per press card
  • Re-issuing – Lost or stolen press cards - R99.00 inclusive of VAT per press card
  • Urgent press cards (within 1 working day) - R440.00 inclusive of VAT per press card
  • Postage (registered post) - R55.00 inclusive of VAT per press card

  •        These rates are subject to annual cost of living increases.


*Footnote: N.B. While statutory processes are underway for the official name change, our bank account remains in the name of Print Media SA.