Print and Digital Media SA currently has five sub-committees consisting of representatives of the Board of PDMSA. With our previous thrust exclusively toward print media, we are still exploring how best to juxtapose digital with print media.

To enable the PDMSA Board to make informed decisions, quarterly reports are presented to the Board by the chairperson of each committee.

The sub-committees are:

  • Research
  • Awards
  • Street sales postering
  • Regulatory & legislative
  • People development


This sub-committee consists largely of market research specialists from the main media houses. Working together to increase overall readership, the committee keeps abreast with cutting edge media developments in order to share with advertisers and readers the dual effectiveness of print and digital media.


In keeping with our commitment to upholding high standards and integrity in newspaper publishing and in the print media as a whole, Print and Digital Media SA co-ordinates various annual awards events that promote excellence and reward quality within the print media industry.

The awards are the Standard Bank Sikuvile Journalism Awards; the Nat Nakasa Award and the MDDA/Sanlam Local Press Awards.

Street sales / postering

A sub-committee of the Newspaper Association of South Africa, it was formed to target a vast pool of potential new readers. In Gauteng alone, 30,000 boards revealing headline stories are displayed each day across the province. Nationally, postering creates jobs - most notably among newspaper sellers. This committee meets regularly and is extremely active under the guidance of the street sales poster co-ordinator, who personally drives and manages contracts with the various municipalities.

Regulatory & Legislative

The regulatory and legislative environment that Print and Digital Media SA operates in has become extremely volatile over the past few years. This is evident in the fact that there are currently a high number of pieces of legislation that PMSA have either tabled submissions on or are in engaged in discussions with various Statutory Bodies. The committee monitors, analyses and responds to all legislation that may impact negatively on the business interests of newspapers and magazines and the freedom of the press.

People Development

This committee seeks to promote training and skills development within the print media industry by liaising with and representing the position of the print media industry on the Seta. Further they develop training initiatives that aim to secure a continuous flow of the requisite talent into the print media industry.